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We have a focus and commitment to studying the unconscious mind, especially social cognition in the fields of self development, personal coaching and lifestyle and mindset change.  The principle areas of interest are unconscious thought and the power of imitation in moulding positive psychology and adaptive behavior.

Social Cognition Research

The Unconscious Lab is focused on social cognition research across all domains and to the highest level. The mainstay of the Unconscious Lab group is to complete world class fundamental investigation, and continue the tradition of publishing stellar academic content in the best academic journals. Maintaining the high public profile and outstanding public perception of university level psychology research, Unconscious Lab is both the source and the sharing center of cutting edge research.

Applied and Practical Research

Since early 2004, Unconscious Lab has pioneered the research agenda and is highly visible at international conferences, often seeking international collaboration. In the last few years, increasing attention has been paid to applied and practical research and to the dissemination and promotion of the research findings. In this regard, Unconscious Lab continues to impress as a world class center of thought leadership.

Automatic and Controlled Diversity

Although the Unconscious Lab Committee has become bigger and more heterogeneous in the past years, the overarching theme is still to investigate the interaction between automatic and controlled aspects of social behaviour.

Many aspects of the automatic vs. controlled distinction are examined, such asresearch personal coaching

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