Maarten Bos

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Biographical Sketch:

I studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam, where I graduated in Social Psychology in 2005. In November 2005 I started my PhD project on Unconscious Lab Thought. Before I started working as a PhD student I worked together with Ap Dijksterhuis as an assistant.
After working at the University of Amsterdam for ten months I started working at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, together with the rest of the Unconscious Lab.

Besides work I play bass guitar in a band and I very much enjoy eating enormous, ridiculous amounts of food.

Research Interests:

My PhD project is mainly but not exclusively on the goal-dependency of unconscious thought. Other research interests are power, influence, categorization, intelligence and differing aspects of unconscious thought, including individual differences in unconscious thought and biological measures of unconscious thought.


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