Aukje Sjoerdsma

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Aukje Sjoerdsma

Biographical Sketch:

I studied psychology at the Radboud University Nijmegen. After this I obtained my Bachelors degree (2004) and Masters degree (2006; cum laude) in Social Psychology.

Research Interests:

My PhD project focuses on inadvertent plagiarism (or cryptomnesia). This intriguing phenomenon refers to a mental illusion.  People mistakenly believe that thoughts, words or ideas encountered previously are their own original creations.
In this project, I study the cognitive, motivational, situational and dispositional factors that influence inadvertent plagiarism.  I also focus on the underlying process(es) and possible consequences for (the relationship between) plagiarizer and source.

Other research interests are agency and automatic versus controlled processes.  I also have an interest in self-serving biases, memory, and social influence.