Andries van der Leij

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Biographical Sketch:

Escaping the burst of the Internet bubble just in the nick of time, I started to study psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 2001, where I graduated in 2005 in the field of Psychonomics. My study had a strong emphasis on psychophysiological measures (fMRI and EEG).

In the same year I started as a PHD student studying automatic evaluation and weighing of information from a neuroscience perspective. My group moved to Nijmegen, but I stayed at the UvA, being only a part-time Gelderlander.

I’m not only a neuro-nerd though; I’m also a coffee-geek and a culture-snob.

Research Interests:

In short I’m interested in studying ‘higher’ and ‘more cognitive’ topics from a bottom-up perspective. These include the processes underlying decision making such as value weighing, and risk taking. Other topics that have my interest include the processing of sequential information, and the structural brain correlates of behavior and personality.


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