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People is the official website devoted to the study of social cognition.  Social Cognition is the various psychological processes that enable individuals to take advantage of being part of a social group.  The major factors in social cognition that enable learning about the environment are

  • Facial Expression – such as fear and disgust
  • Eye Gaze Direction – which reveals where a person’s interest lies
  • Infant Development – is particularly revealing around social cognition

Importantly, is about what happens automatically and unconsciously on the part of the sender and receiver.

People at

  • Ap Dijksterhuis
  • Rick van Baaren
  • Madelijn Strick
  • Rainer Greifeneder
  • Matthijs van Leeuwen
  • Maarten Bos
  • Andries van der Leij
  • Anke Sjoerdsma
  • Simone Ritter
  • Barbara Mueller
  • Tom Damen